-No glass containers allowed.

-Late sign in requires a late fee of an additional $10.00 per class.  ***THIS WILL BE ENFORCED STARTING 2013***  Registration closes at 12:00 so donít show up at 11:50 it will cost you extra to run!  You have to be teched and registered by 12.  If you have trouble getting there or something call Mike 785-288-0343 and we will take care of it but if it is a repeated thing or you donít call and make arrangements, you will be charged extra, to get started on time we need to have registration over on schedule to prepare for the start of the race.

-No registration after 1:00, unless you call and make arrangements with Mike.

-1st, 2nd, & 3rd place will receive trophies & 100% payback.
1st Place - 50%
∑2nd Place - 30%
∑3rd Place - 20%

Except 36.5 stock class, that class will be paid out to 7th place

The entries in all of the menís classes will be added together and then divided evenly among the classes for an even payout.  The same will be done for two womenís classes

-$20.00 each pass
Once you sign up and the registration is closed there will be no refunds.

$10 Ages 12 and Up
$5 Ages 6- 12
Children 5 & under are free.

There will be concessions on grounds provided

General Race Rules
-All vehicles must have working brakes.

-All convertibles or vehicles with no tops must have roll over protection.

-All discrepancies will be taken to the tech, and then to Mike for final decision - anyone who approached the head table or any other official yelling and cursing and being unruly will be disqualified. These races are family oriented and for fun!

-Protesting a vehicle--In order to protest a vehicle you must be:
1. Signed up and running in the class of the vehicle to be protested.
2. Must present $100 to Mike and then go with him to inspect the vehicle being protested.
~~If you win the protest (vehicle is disqualified) then you will get your $100 back, but if you lose (vehicle found to be legal) then you will lose your $100.~~

-If protesting a vehicle it must be done either before the race or immediately after the vehicle has gone through the pit (conclusion of the class) protests that are after the following (next.. to allow protest of last truck in a class) class will not be granted.

-Staff has final call on any decision! Anyone yelling and cursing at staff will be asked to leave! No refunds!

-No Fighting allowed you will be required to leave immediately with no refund!

-No hot rodding in the pit or staging areas or you will be disqualified.

-Once out of the pit you must bring your vehicle TO A COMPLETE STOP!! If you fail to come to a complete stop you will be disqualified. Once you make a complete stop you can proceed into the pit area slowly and cautiously, any hot rodding in the pit area will also receive a disqualification.

-No alcohol consumed by any drivers, until you are done racing for the day!!

-this is a family oriented event held to have fun!!!

-2 minute rule: when you are called to the line and are not present you will be put on the 2 minute clock. You will then have 2 minutes to make forward progress to come to the line and race. If you do not show you will then scratch your run. If you are changing tires, having problems, please come to the head table and notify staff.

-If 20 foot mark is not broken you have 1 chance to try again (2 min. rule). In running order.

-All tires must be rubber. No chains, cables or bolts on or in tires.

-All vehicles must have functional Ďsafeí brakes, tech official has final say

-All vehicles are required to have a fire extinguisher within the drivers reach that is charged and ready to use in an emergency

-All participants are required to wear helmet and seatbelt during any pass or they will be disqualified

-Anyone whose truck comes out of the pit and leaves a full tread width track on top of the wall will be disqualified.. Discretion of the officials.

-All final decisions are upon officialís discretion.

-All tires must be factory stamped & legible to run in any DOT only class.

-Vehicles can be registered in the same class more than once as long as it has a different driver. One driver may only run a truck once per class.

-If a truck has two drivers and enters a class twice it can only receive one place in that class and one place for points.

-All classes are one pass per entry, except open class, that class is allowed two passes
Class Rules
General Rules
Contact Info: Mike at 785-288-0343 or hmwilliams85@yahoo.com
Points Rules
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